European Health and Fitness Blogs 2018
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Nature as Medicine aims to provide articles that give readers information that can improve their health. They cover topics such as health supplements, health, and healthy recipes and medicinal plants. This site has a full range of medical conditions as well as preventions.


Second Place
This blog promotes yoga in nature. Doing outdoor yoga brings relaxation and at the same time enjoying the beauty of nature and unique way to relieve stress and get energized. The author travel around the Dutch islands teaching and promoting outdoor yoga and write about it for yoga enthusiasts around the world to see. This blog is highly recommended for all.
Third Place
This blog was made from the curiosity of the blogger about how to have a healthy life. This blog is all about fitness programs and diet plans for a healthy you. The author works with a team of contributors for the benefit of his readers.

Karin Wallnoefer

Home treatment is the forte of this blog. ‘s main objective is to help people improve health with the use of home remedies and other herbal treatments to simplify the life of people.
Silke’s blog is all about her passion for yoga and happiness in life. She focuses on blogging about yoga and lifestyle. This site is a perfect treat for yoga enthusiasts. She also share her words of wisdom and inspiration. Readers will definitely enjoy this blog.

Katharina & David

An exercise plan coupled with the right kind of diet increase weight loss. shares principles and ideas to be fit and healthy. This site encourages yoga to improve health and keep away sickness.
A blog that keeps readers well- informed about the latest in the yoga community. It offers product reviews, up-to-date news and other musings from the blogger. Readers are thought how to take care of the body through detoxification and yoga. A great blog to follow.


Eva Maria has travelled the world as a yoga ambassador, teaching yoga to enthusiast. This blog impart knowledge about the right yoga for every person with the goal of finding individual solution to reach the full potential to live mentally and physically. Eva Maria’s approach is young, humorous and dynamic which make this blog unique.


This is an online magazine that provides information about fitness and health. A good source for health buffs who are in search for current trends in weight training, fitness, healthy lifestyle and weight loss. Their articles cover a wide array of topics that readers can enjoy.
One can easily fall in love with this blog. Her blog talks about many things such as meditation, yoga, essential oils, macrobiotics and spiritual lifestyle. The aim of this blog is to build one’s confidence and self –love.

Rebecca Randak

This site is a daily treat that delivers information about lifestyle, health, beauty, food, spirituality and yoga. The blogger keeps readers well-informed and entertained with countless articles both personal and opinionated. Get your daily dose of positivity with this blog.

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